The Ingénieur, for Tubthump Mag

You have spent the past few months or so with your crew filming the next big feature, and you are finally done. The editing is perfect, the soundtrack sublime, your actors were magnificent and the crew all seem satisfied. It could not get any better. The only thing is this is your first time trying to get a feature out there and, frankly, you have no idea where to go. Especially in a digitally driven society like we have today, promoting has become a strangely and seemingly intangible thing.  These may seem obvious to some people, but for a lot of the shiny new faces it can be daunting to find good help out there on the internet. So how do you get your film out there? Here are 5 websites that can become your lifeline.

Let’s begin with the obvious.

5. Social Networking Websites – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

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